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1.CarrierThe Contract of carriageshall be evidenced by the ticket or other document referring to these standard conditions of carriage between the Carrier and the Passenger. MOBY SPL LIMITED shall be the Carrier in each contract of carriage on the following routes:Saint-Petersburg HelsinkiHelsinki TallinnTallinnStockholmStockholm HelsinkiHelsinkiSaint-Petersburgor any their combination, as well as any charter/cruise routes.2.Scope 2.1. Carriage by sea shall not include period prior to embarkation or period after disembarkation of the passenger, as well as period of acceptance and claimof its luggage.2.2. The carriage by sea shall not include the period of passenger’s staying in a terminal or on a quay.2.3. All conditions are specifiedin the Carrier’s brochures, available on board of thevessel, at the offices of the Carrier and other travel agencies selling other services provided by the Carrier and on the Carrier’s site ( andvessel3.1. Ticket or other document evidencing the Contract of carriageshall be presented when checking in at the Carrier’s terminal at a place of departure.3.2. The Passenger shall not transfer the rights granted in the ticket or other documentto any other person.3.3. Anyone who has obtained a ticket or other document onbehalf of other person shall be considered empowered to conclude a contract of carriageand accept the standard conditions of carriage.3.4. When carrying domestic animals the Passenger shall buy and present a valid ticket for corresponding animal. 3.5. The Carrier shall not be liable to refund on stolen, lost and destroyed ticket or the other document.3.6. The Carrier shall be entitled to perform the carriage by othervesselthan stated in the ticket or the other document.4.Vehicle4.1. When bookingtickets for a vehicle, its exact length and height, including possible additional equipment (container for skis, the frame on the roof, trailer, etc.) and registration number shall be specified. While registering the ticket, length and height of the vehicle shall be measured also.4.2. If the actual measurements of the vehicle are larger than declared while booking, the Passenger shall cover the difference of price. Such vehicles shall be permitted for loading to a ferry provided availability of free space at the car deck. 4.3. The vehicle shall always be driven off thevesselimmediately upon arrival (including at night).4.4. During transportation of personal vehicles (private cars, minibuses, buses) at car deck of the ferrySPL Princess Anastasia personal belongings of the passenger are allowed to be transported in the cabin or trunk of the vehicle only in accordance with the law of countries on route. 4.5. In case of exceeding of the limits the luggage must be registered at the Cargo department of MOBY SPL LIMITEDand the passenger should provide the accompanying documentationfor the goods that require special permission for the transportation.5.Cargo VehiclesConditions of carriageof cargo vehicles on the car deck shall be stipulated separately.6.Registration6.1. All tickets bought in advance shall be registered prior departure of the vessel at the terminal check-in and boarding cards shall be received.6.2. The boarding cards shall be presented when boarding the vessel. 6.3. The vessel cards shall be valid only for a specificdate indicated on the ticket.6.4. All cabins are allocated automatically by the system on the day of departure. The possibility to select the location of the cabin on board the ferryis not available.7.Registration ofPassengers without Vehicles7.1. Registration of passengers without vehicles shall start 3 hours prior departure of the vessel and shall be carried out based on presentation of the ticket and passport. 7.2. Registration of passengers without vehicles shall end 1 hour prior departure of the vessel. 7.3. Bookings of passengers that arrive aftercheck-in time shall be canceled.8.Registration of Passengers with Vehicles8.1. Registration of passengers with vehicles shall end 1 (one) hour before departure of thevessel.8.2. Persons having arrived on completion of check-in procedures shall not be registered for the particular voyage.The exchange of the ticket and returns of voyage price and transportation.8.3. Passengers with a vehicle shall be registrated on the basis of the ticket, passport, and documents relating to the vehicle.8.4. If the actual size of the vehicle detected during check-in is larger than declared in the booking, the Passenger shall pay the difference in price for additional space. These vehicles shall be loaded provided availability of free space on the car deck. 8.5. Thevesseldeparture shall not be delayed for waiting passengers late for registration. Landing of such passengers cannot be guaranteed.9.Luggage Restrictions9.1. The Passenger shall not be allowed to bring at the terminal or on board any luggage that cancause risk or considerable inconvenience for the terminal, thevessel, human beings, luggage or cargo. The Carrier shall have the right to carry such luggage ashore, to deactivate or to destroy it at the passengers account and without any responsibility on the part of the Carrier. 9.2. No unidentified/unclaimed luggage shall not be allowed on board until the passenger to whom it belongs had recognized it.9.3. The Carrier shall be entitled to check the passenger’s identity and luggage both in terminals and onboard for safety reasons.10.Carriage of Domestic Animals.10.1. The Carrier shall accept of carriageonly domestic hand-feed animals (hereinafter referred to as the animal) accompanied by adult Passengers. 10.2. The Passenger shall be allowed to carry not more than two animals at the same time.10.3. Weight of the animal shall not exceed 7 kg. 10.4. The carriage of animals on board shall be allowed only in special boxes dimensions of which shall not be larger than 70 x 50 x 50 cm or sum of three measures shall not exceed 170 cm.10.5. The animal shallstayin a special container over the whole period of voyage: the bottom of the container shall be covered with absorbent material; the door shall be securely locked. Release of an animal in the cabin from the boxshall be prohibited. The Passenger shall not visit public places with an animal over the whole period of voyage. 10.6. Animals shall be aired on the leash in the places specially allotted to these purposes on the open deck. 10.7. Animals excrements shall be cleanedby the Passenger itself.10.8. The Passenger shall watch that his domestic animal does not intrude upon leisure of other Passengers.10.9. Before leaving the vesselthe Passenger shall present the cabin to the Carrier’s representative. 10.10. Compensation, amount of which shall beset by the Carrier, can be charged from the Passenger for destruction of property by the animal to be accompanied. 10.11. Number of cabins for Passengers with animals shall be limited on board.10.12. Animals shall be accepted of carriageprovided that the Passenger takes the whole responsibility for them.10.13. The Passenger shall provide availability of all required documents to bring in/out the country an animal.If the documents for an animal are executed improperly and, for this reason, the Passenger shall not be allowed to cross the boundary, the Passenger shall incur expenses related heretoitself. 10.14. The Carrier shall not be responsible for bodily injury, loss, delay in delivery, diseases or dearth of such animals, as well as in the case of refusal to bring in or through across any country or territory.11.Rights and Responsibilities of the Carrier11.1. The Carrier shall be entitledto refuse in transportation to the passenger, breaking the rules of visa/visa free entry/leave to/from Russian Federation/Finland/Sweden/Estonia.11.2. The Carrier shall not be liable for the refusal of immigrations, customs or other authorities for entry/leave to/from Russian Federation/Finland/Sweden/Estonia.11.3. The Carrier shall not liable for any losses and expenses appeared in respect of any case raised before the sea carriage or after it.11.4. The Carrier shall not be liable for loss of moneys or securities, gemstones, works of art, electronics or other valuable items unless ithas received the property for safe custody. 11.5. The Carrier shall not liable for the loss of personal articleson board the ferry during/after the cruise.11.6. ThePassenger shall notifythe Carrier regardingloss or damage to luggage (including vehicles):-in case of apparent damage to luggage;-for cabin luggage, before or at time of disembarkation of the passenger;-for all other luggage, before or at the timeof its re-delivery;-in case of damage to luggage which is not apparent, or loss of luggage, within fifteen days from the date of disembarkation or re-delivery or from the time when such re-delivery should have taken place.If the passenger fails to notify the Carrier as stipulated above, it shall be presumed, unless the contrary is proved, that the luggage/vehicle was undamaged during the carriage. The notice should not be given if both sides carried out the inspection together or survey of the luggage/vehicle condition at its receipt.11.7. The Passenger shall cover all the expenses, connected with itsrepatriation in case of breaking visa regulations of the country of stay.11.8. The Carrier shall not beresponsible for the deviation from the schedulein case of important and unforeseen circumstances (such as breakdown of the vessel, storm, ice conditions, restrictions of port authorities, etc.). 11.9. The Carrier shall be entitledto changevesselarrival and departure schedule at itsdiscretion. Extra expenses appeared at that, as well as loss of profit shall not be compensated to the Passenger. 11.10. Damage caused by the reasons independent of the Carrier shall not be also compensated to the Passenger.12.Rulesof Conduct on Board12.1. The Passenger shall be restricted to carry on board the following items:-Firearms, pneumatic, cold and other weapons;-Explosives;-Pressured and liquefied gases;-Volatile flammable liquid;-Poison and toxic materials;-Pyrotechnic, flare and lighting rockets, bengal lights;-Lighting units with open flame (candles, lamps);-Drugs;-Heaters(boilers and irons);-Heaters without original packing (kettle, electric plate, coffee machine, hair dryer, styler hair etc.)-Other items restricted of carriage, storageand rotation according to Russian Federation, Republic of Finland, the Kingdom of Sweden and the Republic of Estonia.12.2. The Passenger is prohibited to take or carry on board alcohol and food(exceptions are special baby food and invalid food).12.3. The Passenger is not allowed to drink alcohol, purchased in duty-free shops onboard the vessel, in cabins and other public space of the vessel.12.4. In case of Passenger attempt to take the abovementioned items onboard, The Carrier, on its discover, has a right to fine the Passenger in amount set up by the Line. 13.Rights and responsibilities of the Passenger<span style="left: 113.64px; top

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